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Koichi Okamoto

Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc.
Senior System Engineer
I have been working for Sony corporation since 1996. My first carrier started from LSI upstream design for DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) base band ASIC using Verilog HDL which is one of hardware description language. I created the inverted FFT test vector for this chip which run on our factory. After that, I entered an embedded software design to control this LSI without OS environment for CAR hideaway unit (XT-100DAB). In this period, I made Kenwood DAB SG control via GPIB for our test, customized Windows VxD driver (PCI bus) for logging base band signal. Next I designed CD Digital servo (focus/track) in our servo section shortly. Due to my wish, I had my precious opportunity to propose 2002 new feature for Car system. I offered Juke box system with VAIO note book which became CD-changer on our Car system and can be controlled by Car center control unit same as CD-changer system. So, user can listen music on VAIO note book. During this period, I made all system by myself and showed its prototype. Unfortunately, this didn't produce in our market. I made WDM driver for USB, daemon program on Windows and the embedded system including hardware to exchange USB to car control bus. As passing up this production, I designed and created first embedded software of XM satellite receiver for CAR hideaway unit (XT-XM1). I also introduced DAB radio tuner for CDX-DAB6550. Until here I didn't use OS except for uITRON. I joined 1SEG TV for Car, which used Linux OS although it was not produced for our market. I ported our special Linux Frame buffer driver for next generation PND (Personal Navigation Device) SOC that is not adopted. I was moved to Car system from PND and ported both Redboot and Linux Kernel on our hardware from i.MX BSP for XNV-770BT car visual navigation system. I joined Android OS base system project in which I created some JNI (Java Native Interface library for UVC/UAC/HID usb class devices), Linux SPI driver and build environment for this project. I was software project leader for XSP-N1BT (Smartphone attached car audio system) with uITRON, I created Linux Application Framework for network module for SRS-X88 (WiFi Speaker)etc. Now I am working for network team in Platform Software Development Dept such as network configuration, network service and so on in Linux system.